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Aknicare Cream 50ML

  • Brand: Aknicare
  • Product Code: Aknicare-Cream
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The 100% guaranteed acne treatment solution for acne. Medically licensed and medically proved to successfully get rid of Medical and Cosmetic acne.

Clinically tested on hospital referred patients who did not respond to GP prescribed and chemist products.

  • Clinically proven over 80% success rates
  • 100’s of testimonials
  • Recommended by top dermatologist and President of the UK Acne Charity, Professor Tony Chu from Imperial College Hospitals London, who is world expert in the treatment of all aspects of acne.

Don’t waste time, don’t mess about, the results are guaranteed. This product works best when used as part of an Aknicare® set. 

  • Less and less new spots every day
  • Inflammation calmed quickly
  • Acne causing bacteria dead many times faster than Antibiotics
  • Clear blemish free, fresh bright skin
  • Reduced oil by over 50% in clinical studies

Aknicare® Cream supports Aknicare® Lotion in changing the skin from within to cure acne and stop spots.

In acute or long term acne cases, Aknicare® Cream is used as part of the three product set. Aknicare® Cream also contains the Lotion ingredients combined with Aknicare® Gentle Cleansing Gel for maintaining clear skin.

Aknicare® Cream has immense hydrating properties and provides an alternate moisture barrier. Working with the Lotion, the Cream also reduces oil production, skin thickening and stopping new spots appearing. Aknicare® Cream also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from user to user.

Product Details
Ingredients Triethly Citrate, Ethyl Linoleate, Salicylic acid 0.5%, hyaluronic acid, GT-peptide-10.

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